Now at Ascension

Christ Ministers to and through His Body

Pastor Ben Berger - 2/4/2024

“No man is an island,” wrote the English poet John Donne in the 17th century. And it’s true. Not one of us is independent of others. We all exist because of others and by others. That we are born of a father and mother is simplest proof.

Some would say this is a bad thing. To be free of others, entirely independent – self-sufficient, self-directing, self-determining – this is the ideal of humanity, claim some.

But not only is such extreme individualism unrealistic and, truly, a lie – it’s also an empty shadow of what it means to be human. Of what God designed us to be as human.

Community – an interdependent whole – such existence is woven into our human nature. But more than that, it’s also the blessing that God designed us to enjoy. And so it is that God brings us to himself only together with others, joined together as a body… a body united by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

And a body gifted to actively love the members of the body. Today, on Ascension on Air: Christ Ministers to and through His Body.

Bible Reference: Romans 12:3-13