Now at Ascension

We Gather around the Gospel

Pastor Ben Berger - 1/21/2024

This episode of Ascension on Air begins a new series that’s all about a new component of ministry at Ascension: small groups. Over the next four episodes, we’ll introduce the concept of small group ministry and explore the unique blessings such ministry can bring.

In this first episode, we lay the foundation for it all. Everything that’s built needs a solid foundation to endure, including ministry opportunities, and the only foundation that’s truly solid is Christ. So in this first look at small groups, we consider the focus and emphasis of small group ministry. In other words, which makes it ministry vs. simply a gathering of like-minded people. And in keeping with the solid foundation of Christ, the focal point and heart and soul of this ministry is one thing alone: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now, on Ascension on Air: We Gather Around the Gospel.