Now at Ascension

God Desires Mercy for the Disobedient

Pastor Ben Berger - 1/7/2024

Have you ever had an epiphany, a sudden realization of some truth or reality that had been unseen or unknown up to that point? Sometimes that happens in school, when whatever you’re studying just “clicks” – it finally makes sense. You see connections and understand relationships and grasp ideas that eluded you before.

Epiphany is a useful word in Christianity, too. It describes a realization of who Jesus Christ was and is – that he’s not just anyone, but the Savior. This kind of epiphany is necessary if we really want to understand the purpose and goal of Jesus’ life on this earth.

Today we explore that epiphany from a particular perspective: that of disobedience. You see, Jesus was revealed as Savior not simply for people who found themselves in a bad way, but for people who brought that bad way on themselves. For disobedient people. People like me. People, I’d dare say, like you. People in need of mercy.

This is a critical epiphany that each of us must have to truly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ: God desires mercy for the disobedient.

Bible Reference: Romans 11:13-15,28-32