Now at Ascension

The King Is Coming to You - Prepare to Meet Him

Pastor Ben Berger - 12/10/2023

If you’ve spent any time in the Rockies of the western US, you know that generally there’s no straight path through them. At least, not naturally. Between the mountain heights and the deep valleys they form, it’s not easy to traverse your way from one point to another.

Such a seemingly insurmountable set of obstacles is an effective metaphor for any number of challenges in life – including human sin. Sin is like rough terrain that’s impossible for us to cross out of. Everywhere we look, there are jagged rocks or deep ravines that hem us in.

Which is what makes Isaiah chapter 40 so powerful – because it’s the promise that God would make a way through the wilderness to rescue his people. What a picture! Mountains crumbling down, valleys filling in, and a smooth road forming for God to come and save his own. 

That same thing happens in each us, personally, as the Lord clears away the barriers of sin in our lives and makes a clear path for his beautiful gospel of forgiveness to reach our hearts.