8/13/2023 - 9/10/2023

Despite our diversity, contemporary America shares a common human experience. We desire deep identity that often remains elusive. We idolize sexuality and suffer because of it. We chase contentment - a contradiction in terms. We need relationships and yet hurt the people we love. That's the way of our world. But Jesus Christ offers something better. Not a fix; not an enhancement. But a transformation - an altogether new orientation for genuine life.
Here's our schedule:

  • August 13: Transformed Identity
  • August 20: Transformed Sexuality (Part 1)
  • August 27: Transformed Sexuality (Part 2)
  • September 3: Transformed Contentment
  • September 10: Transformed Reconciliation

In This Series

  1. Transformed Identity
  2. Transformed Sexuality (Part 1)
  3. Transformed Sexuality (Part 2)
  4. Transformed Contentment
  5. Transformed Reconciliation