Worship: What to Expect

God doesn't need us - we need him. He gives us a whole new life through Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? Come find out! It starts by simply listening to His Word; He does the rest. The gospel is a powerful gift from God that changes lives. Come see what we mean!

Christ suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.
1 Peter 3:18

What Should I Expect:

When you visit our church for worship, expect to be warmly welcomed and greeted by our members. We are thrilled that you took the time to join us for worship! If you have any questions regarding our facility, feel free to ask anyone and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

As you enter our sanctuary, you will receive a worship folder which will share information about our service. Feel free to sit wherever you would like. During worship, you will be able to follow along in your worship folder. After worship, you are welcome to join us for fellowship with refreshments.

There are also opportunities for people of all ages to further grow in faith. We offer Sunday morning Vine & Branches Bible Hour (Bible study & Sunday School).

What is the Worship Service Like:

We worship God using a liturgical service, using songs and responsive readings in our service to keep the focus on the Word of God and the Savior revealed in the Bible. There are elements in our service that we repeat on a weekly basis; other parts of the service change each week.

The sermon is based on a portion of the Bible. You will hear the truth of God's love for sinners proclaimed in the sermon, as well as practical applications for your life. Each week, the service is printed into a worship folder so that it is easy for members and visitors to follow along.

What Should I Wear:

God doesn't make any rules for our clothes other than decency and Christian humility - we don't make any new rules. You'll see a wide variety in our worship service: some in suits and nice dresses, and others dressed more casually. We are more interested in helping you connect with God through Jesus than we are in what you wear.

Do You Have the Sacraments:

Being a Lutheran church, the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion are very precious to us. We believe and teach that these sacraments are a means by which God actually gives us his grace and blessing, and so we celebrate them often. Baptisms take place in worship as families request, and we celebrate Holy Communion in worship on the first and third Sundays of every month.

You do not need to feel obligated to come forward to the Lord's Supper (Holy Communion). Partaking in Holy Communion is both a private matter and a proclamation of faith. Those who join together in the Lord's Supper ought to be in agreement in all Bible teachings and living according to what they confess. This is one of the reasons we practice "Closed Communion," which means we invite our members and those visitors who are from our sister congregations to commune with us. Please speak to Pastor Berger prior to partaking in Holy Communion.

What About the Offering:

Personal offerings are a way of worshiping God and supporting the ministry of the congregation. We intentionally include the offering in the service because it is part of our worship. The offerings that we give are always freewill offerings - God has not commanded any amount from anyone.