Now at Ascension

This Is the Time for Passion in Service to the Master

Pastor Ben Berger - 11/19/2023

If you were to take this past week and write it all out on a calendar, all the hours and how you spent them, all the time devoted to rest or work, to this task or that opportunity, what would it look like? Hopefully there would be sufficient time for sleeping, balanced by an appropriate effort at work or school. Maybe you’d have spent lots of time with loved ones, or spent lots of time on your own. Maybe you engaged in deep conversation, or lent a listening ear, did lots of thinking or enjoyed lots of day dreaming. Perhaps you found the week to be all too short; or perhaps, all too long if a vacation is coming up.

Now look at that whole week from one more perspective: that of service. Specifically, serving Jesus. What areas of your life were carved out for that? What time was dedicated to him? What skills and abilities and blessings and resources did you employ in the interest of Christ, his purposes, and his kingdom? The answer may not be quite as simple as you thought. But no matter how you slice it, the question is critical – because during this time in between Jesus’ first and second comings, our Savior has called us to work. To serve. To use what he’s given us in passionate service to him.