Jesus Appears

1/15/2023 - 1/29/2023

The Gospels tell only a little about Jesus’ life as an infant. Luke briefly discusses the desire of the boy Jesus to be in the temple. Then, Scripture falls silent, telling us nothing about almost two decades of Jesus’ life.

For most of Jesus' adult life, he lived quietly in Galilee, practicing the carpentry he had learned from his adoptive father, Joseph. Jesus had no followers. Jesus was not famous. But at the exact time God the Father had appointed, Jesus left that obscurity behind.

The word epiphany means “appearance.” In the Season of Epiphany, we watch Jesus begin his public ministry. Jesus makes his first appearances. And in those appearances, it quickly becomes clear that this is more than a random carpenter’s son. As Jesus appears, we see exactly who he is and what he came to do.

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